UniTee Design was birthed in 2006, to creatively teach young artists the art of business, the values of the RBG, and the brilliance of our history and culture. With pride, power and purpose, they’ve created “UniTees”, beautiful RBG and Caribbean Designer Tee-Shirts that celebrate our greatness.

Today, we’re still inspiring young, aspiring entrepreneurs as part of our “Young & Black Success Club.”

The need and work is far greater.  By every means necessary, it’s about engaging and enriching more Detroit youth every day (www.betterdetroityouth.org and www.detroityouthresources.org), while making moves in Baltimore and to Brooklyn (NY).

We believe:

  • Our children aren’t failing as much as we’re failing our children.
  • Our children need know we care and are here (and there) so more of them succeed in school and life.
  • Only unity may save your community, and only collaboration may save our young generation.
  • Only unity to cooperative economics for economic self-sufficiency may be our salvation.

 “UniTees” are wonderful fundraising and conscious-raising products for your church, school, group or cause.

Bless the children, build like Garvey and get your RBG love on!

UniTee Design is always seeking partners, distributors and wholesalers ready to turn a $300 investment into $500 in about 30 days, while proudly wearing and sharing the colors of our culture, and helping empower our children. Call 734.395.3079 or email us at info@uniteedesign.com for details.